Day 1 – Beginnings

I had planned on getting an early start and it should have been pretty easy because I got very little sleep last night which led to an early morning. My natural tendency is to procrastinate when it comes to packing which has made prepping for this trip a little dodgy. Unfortunately, with no practice or elimination rounds, I have way overpacked as I carried the bursting panniers down to the bike. The thoughts of, “Bring less and travel light” have given way to “Well, what if I might need it along the way” so I am bringing every tool I can think of and all my electronic equipment. These decision were swirling in my head all night as I contemplated the entire complex trip. As I snapped awake at 6am with just 4 fitful hours of sleep, I had a flurry of ideas about improving my rig. The next few hours were spent doing all the things I should have done months earlier. I do wonder though if these doubts and tribulations are just a natural part of departure regardless of how much prep is undertaken. No time to worry about that now…I have to get on the road.

My travel partner, Joe arrived at about 10 and we sat down for a quick moment at my house to go over last minute details over morning beverages. Once we were satisfied with our mutual inquiries, “Passport?” “Check.”, “Registration?”, “Check.”, “Title?”, “Check.”, we decided it was time to hit the road. I said my final goodbyes to my wife and kid desperately trying to push from my mind just how long it would be before I saw either of them again for fear I wouldn’t be able to get on the bike. After my last checks on all the straps and buckles, I put on my helmet for the beginnings of my first major trip. It wasn’t until I got to my gloves that I realized my hands were shaking just a bit. I chalked it up to nerves and excitement instead of the likely culprit of nearly five hours now without any food at all. It just never occurred to me to grab a meal before leaving.

The hum of the engine kicked up as I dropped my visor down to shield from the high sun. Joe’s KTM roared to life and I remember my first thought being, I am going to be chasing that 1200 all the way to Honduras. We rolled up to the makeshift starting line I had taped down the night before to boost the pomp and circumstance of the moment although now it seemed rather silly. My wife took a couple last pictures of us and I rolled on the throttle for the first of many times on this journey.

I heard the first directions from Google Maps in my ear as we made our way to the highway. The excitement became more focused but no less intense because I know I am in for a long ride but I cannot believe it has finally begun. This trip has been in the planning stages for close to 10 months and we are finally covering the very beginnings of our 3,000 mile journey. I have nothing but promise in front of me and i am completely filled with gratitude for this opportunity.

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