Get Lost and Why You Should Be Filming

Here is a really great example of why it is so important to document your travels while riding.  Teague started filming long before he knew he had a story.  He didn’t try to do anything fancy but he was completely honest right from the start.  There is room for your story out there and it will resonate with people desperately trying to follow the path you are walking right now.  Start talking to your camera so you can keep track of your progress and your experiences.

I am trying to keep this in mind as I journey around.  There are big trips coming up very soon but it is just as important to keep logs of your daily commutes to the grocery store too.  Every ride you take is a little piece of your story.

2 thoughts on “Get Lost and Why You Should Be Filming”

  1. Good travel, i am happy to help us, i am live in Playitas a board of the river. We help to put the motorcycles on the boat

    1. Alvaro,

      That is incredible. Thank you so much for reaching out and for getting us on the boat. That day was easily the hardest of the trip for me and your help made it worthwhile. It was such an intense experience trying to cross water on the bike and finally deciding to use the boats. Great pictures and hopefully I will have the video uploaded soon as well. Please tell everyone there how much we appreciated all the help that day.

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